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My name is Daniel Hoel and I've been piercing professionally since 1996. I first started my apprenticeship under a "great master" by the name of Jennifer Simpson. She not only taught me to pierce but to enjoy life to it's fullest. She also taught me that it's not all about the money but, to make sure that you enjoy what you are doing no matter what the payout. That's one reason why I enjoy the art of "body modification".

I started my career at a shop in Madison, WI called the Piercing Lounge. In 2002 I made a temporary move to the south before finally settling in Massachusetts in 2004. I love doing the basics as well as intricate ear projects such as rooks, diaths, and funky industrials. I started branding and scarification in 2000 and I've made it a passion ever since. All in all, my ultimate goal is to give you the best body piercing experience ever and if you have an idea of something custom that you would like... e-mail or call me, or just simply stop on in and we'll see what we can do to help you out.

And I am funky.